Road Safety Products for Safer Roads

Investigate Various Road Safety Products for Safer Roads with us at Armco RSP

With the roads becoming busier with each passing day and with so many accidents and mishaps occurring, the need for products that warn of danger as well as protect those that find themselves in a dangerous situation has certainly arisen. At Armco RSP we have made it our business to present road safety products to the market for safer roads in South Africa. An unfortunate amount of people have lost their lives or suffered serious injuries due to negligence as well as motorists being unaware and caught by surprise by dangerous situations.
At our manufacturing plant we ensure that our products and features are created in accordance with SABS ISO 9001 quality standards. We use only the finest grade materials and test our products for safety and durability before they leave our premises. Of course it is one thing to create a product and supply it – it can be quite another to install it. If you purchase products from us and want them professionally installed, simply let us know and we will assist. DIY manuals can also be provided with certain safety items.

At Armco RSP we focus a great deal of our attention on presenting products to the market that will be highly visible as well as serve a valuable function and purpose on our roads. Some of our products are created to such a high standard that they are used on international roads too.

When browsing through our road safety products designed specifically for creating safer roads in our country, you are bound to be absolutely impressed. You will find the following items on our catalogue at affordable rates:

  • Delineators – these are used to advise motorists on the flow of traffic and which direction it is going in. They look quite similar to chevrons and can be single or double bladed depending on the application they are destined to be used in.
  • ABC Terminals – these are found at both the start and end of safety barriers found on general highways. It’s a crashworthy steel post that can effectively absorb the energy of a collision. It has been tested and passed catching vehicles speeding out of control at speeds of up to 110km per hour.
  • Melba Cones – these are heavy based traffic cones that are designed to remain in an upright position, even in windy conditions. These PVC units are coloured with UV resistant ink to ensure that they do not crack, fade or peel when exposed to the sun for long periods of time.
  • Soft Cones – these traffic cones are available in 4 different sizes. They range in weight from 0.6kg to 5kg. They are most popular in Day-Glo orange and are also coloured with UV resistant ink. These are used mainly in cities and areas where strong wind is not expected.
  • Speed Ramps – these items are designed to slow down potentially speeding vehicles in areas where danger is present. They are found on roads, outside hospitals and schools and even in complexes. Our speed ramps are provided in pairs of black and yellow and with the bolts required to securely affix them to the ground or tar. Matching end caps are also made available.
  • Wire Rope Safety Fences – these are found down the middle of dual carriage freeways in order to prevent head on collisions. In the event of an accident, the fence will catch the vehicle and not send it back out into traffic. The unit can be easily and quickly repaired by professionals in the field.
  • Guardrail – these are found on roads that are viewed to be dangerous. They discourage centre line crowding and ensure that motorists feel safer travelling on a road where there is a steep drop or a verge. While they mark the limit of safe travel they are also highly visible due to reflective chevrons affixed to them.

These are just some of the products that we present to the market. If you are looking for our complete range of road safety products for safer roads, we encourage you to be in touch with us or browse through our product listing on our website where more information is made available. We are ready at any time to assist you with selecting the right products and will ensure that your every need is taken care of at Armco RSP.

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