Equipment For Safer Roads

Obtaining Equipment for Safer Roads In South Africa

South Africa is quite blessed with a variety of items of equipment for safer roads. Of course these items of equipment have been professionally designed, manufactured and installed with the purpose of making our roads a safer place to be for motorists, passengers, pedestrians and road workers. All road safety equipment found on South Africa’s roads is created by Armco RSP. This particular company is one that wants the roads to be more forgiving, and with this goal in mind they set out to improve on their safety products and features on an ongoing basis.

When looking for equipment for safer roads, all one needs to do is browse through Armco RSP’s extensive range. Here you will find products such as speed ramps, soft traffic cones, Melba traffic cones, wire rope safety fences, guard rails, quadguard systems, Iron Man barriers, Monster Man barriers, Stack Man barriers, stop blocks, bases, safe hit channelisers, ABC terminals and delineators. Each of these products is designed from the finest materials and manufactured to be able to withstand possible harsh conditions that may be experienced on South Africa’s roads. UV resistant, reflective paint is used on each product to ensure that it doesn’t easily crack, peel and fade when exposed to the elements.

Armco RSP has its own hot dip galvanising plant which is SABS ISO 1461 accredited. All products to leave this premises is guaranteed to meet with SABS ISO 9002 quality standards to ensure that their equipment help create for safer roads. You can expect a friendly and approachable staff member to always be available to assist you with finding the right road safety equipment and to even assist you with installation advice and assistance.

Take the time to contact Armco RSP for more information and advice on obtaining top quality equipment for safer roads. Allow them to provide you with access to the best items of equipment on the market at the best available rates.

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