Road Accident Prevention in South Africa

Safe roads and road accident prevention are a priority due to the enormous amount of road accidents that occur, especially during the holiday season, on our South African roads.  Reckless and negligent driving is one of the main causes of preventable road accidents, not only in South Africa, but across the globe. Driving under the influence of alcohol, poor road markings, not obeying the speed limit and poor road conditions can also lead to accidents.

Road accident prevention starts with education. All pedestrians and drivers should be well educated in how to safely use busy roads. Pedestrians should always be aware of their surroundings and only cross a road when it is safe to do so and preferably at pedestrian crossing areas.  Drivers should all be well informed regarding the signs used on the road and should be knowledgeable with regard to driving in rainy and wet conditions. Drivers should always obey the rules of the road and take heed of warning and information signs while on route.

Specially designed products are on the market to ensure road safety. These products are either designed to give information and warn motorists or are used as a measure to decrease injury and the degree of damage done in the event of an accident. The first mentioned products include signs and brightly coloured cones which are clearly visible and can be used to warn the motorist far in advance. Products such as guardrail barriers direct a vehicle which is steering off course back onto the road, and prevents accidents in this manner. Other products include water filled barriers, speed ramps and delineators to mention just a few.

Armco RSP is concerned with road accident prevention and offer professionally designed products to help decrease the number of fatalities on South African roads. If you are interested in learning more about road safety products and their success rates, then contact Armco RSP today.

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