Road Safety Precautions

Road Safety Precautions from Armco RSP

South African road safety is very poor and we should take certain road safety precautions to stay safe on the roads when we drive.  Armco RSP manufactures and supplies world-class road products to improve road safety, but there are more that we can do every day when we get into our vehicles.  Here are a few useful road safety precautions:

Even before setting off, ensure that you are well rested – that means between six and eight hours of sleep.  Remember that work and emotional stress also increase fatigue levels and you have to bear these in mind.  Check your vehicle’s “vitals”, like oil, coolant and brake fluid.  Other items that need checking is the tyres, for pressure and condition (including the spare), as well as less important things like power steering fluid and screen washer fluid.  Make sure that your vehicle’s tools and jack are present and in good working order.

Plan your route well and try to rest every two hours, even if is just a short stop for a walkabout.  Consume light foods and keep the vehicle well ventilated, but not too hot or too cold.  Take company along if possible, to combat boredom and fatigue.  If you start wandering in your lane, yawning and losing concentration, stop for a rest.  Pay close attention to every road marking and traffic sign along the way and adhere to posted speed limits.

If you follow these road safety precautions, your trip will be much safer and more pleasant.  Armco RSP’s road safety products like our warning and information signs will help keep you safe on the roads by keeping you well-informed and alerted to hazards.  Contact us today to find out more.

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